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Biggest British Hosting Company 123-Reg Suffers Major DDoS Attack
January 9, 2017

123-Reg, the biggest hosting company in the UK, is targeted a second time in as many years with a chain of major DDoS attacks

The biggest provider of domain registrations in the UK, 123-reg, has once again been the target of a DDoS attack. The result was that users weren’t able to get into their websites or email accounts. Considering this is just the start of 2017, the company has had to deal with another major blow.

The company informed of the attacks formally using Twitter, explaining that they believed the attack had just begun and they were working on options to redress the situation and were attempting to work out the impact of the attack. They promised updates would follow.

They continued to explain that the company’s network teams kept scrubbing and rerouting bad traffic. Of course, apologies were made for any problems their customers were experiencing. Once again, they reiterated that their team was still rerouting traffic and that they would provide further information soon.

The DDoS attack took place on Friday, with the company stating that their IT team had mitigated the DDoS attacks, as evidenced by the resumption of services at around 1 PM. However, some users are still complaining today that they can’t get into their websites.

123-Reg sent out another two tweets in which they attempted to explain that the DDoS attack had just begun and they were attempting to resolve the issue. Later that day, they issued another tweet, stating that the problem had been fixed by 1 PM and that they apologized for any issues.

In 2016, 123-Reg was the target of 2 big DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks. One took place in April, while one occurred in August. The firm stated that it was possible they lost a small amount of user information after the attack that occurred in April. Customers were very displeased at the time because, even after doing their best, the firm only succeeded in bringing back online only 39 percent of their Virtual Private Servers after a week. In August, the company was once again hit by a huge 30Gbps DDoS attack, which completely brought their site down.

OVH, a French hosting company, was also the target of large DDoS attacks going up to 1Tbps last year. The firm stated that the Mirai botnet malicious code had been used in the attacks against them but 123-Reg did not make any similar statements.

Source: https://www.socpedia.com/biggest-british-hosting-company-123-reg-suffers-major-ddos-attack

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