Blogging Site LiveJournal Hit by Ongoing DDoS Attack
December 11, 2011

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Blogging website LiveJournal is up, but is still under a DDoS attack that started almost two weeks ago, according to a report by Netcraft on Wednesday.

According to the LiveJournal status page on Thursday morning the attack is ongoing.

Announced on November 28 via its status page, the attack has cause what Netcraft calls “significant outages and slowdowns.”

While LiveJournal has stayed online through most of the 11-day period, it disabled support for third party services like Facebook, Twitter and Google on Tuesday, according to Netcraft.

Owned by Russian media company SUP since 2007, there is suspicion that this attack could be linked to recent elections in Russia. Russian news blog Russia Profile says LiveJournal is not the only site under attack. Other Russian sites hit by a DDoS attack include Russian newspaper Kommersant, and independent radio station Echo of Moscow, both of which were knocked offline on December 4. Russian opposition blogger Oleg Kozyrev, quoted in the article, says that there is no alternative to LiveJournal in Russia today, and urged other bloggers to utilize Twitter, YouTube and post on other blogging platforms in case of an outage.

In March 2011, LiveJournal was pushed offline by a couple DDoS attacks. After the first attack, LiveJournal updated its servers, however the upgrade did not prevent a second attack from occuring.

According to LiveJournal’s website, it has 44.5 million journals and communities.

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