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GTA 5 Outage: Why Grand Theft Auto V Was Not Working
August 4, 2016

PSN was also attacked

Poodlecorp launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 servers to take the game down. This resulted in players being unable to play the online elements of the game with others. The attack lasted for a few hours before service was restored.

The hack of GTA 5 resulted in online elements from every version of the game not working. Those that tried to play during this time were met with error messages. Poodlecorp took to social media to claim responsibility for the hack and said more was in store for gamers on Sony Corp (ADR)’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation Network, reports Daily Star.

Poodlecorp claimed it was able to cause small outages in the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS4 users on Thursday morning. However, this doesn’t seem to be all it has planned. It claims that this was only a test before it launches a larger attack.

Poodlecorp hasn’t announced plans for any other attacks outside of GTA 5 and the PlayStation Network. While the Grand Theft Auto V servers are back up, there’s a possibility they could go down again throughout the day. The same is also true for the PlayStation Network.

One of Poodlecorp’s members recently claimed in an interview that its ranks includes previous members of hacker group Lizard Squad. The group also took responsibility for an attack on Nintendo Co., Ltd (ADR)’s (OTCMKTS:NTDOYPokemon Go servers late last month, Express notes.


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