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Hong Kong Student Gets Probation Time for DDoS Attack During Occupy Campaign
July 28, 2016

A judge at the Fanling Court in Hong Kong has sentenced Chu Tsun-wai, 20, of Hong Kong, to 15 months of probation for launching a DDoS attack on a Chinese bank’s website during the 2014 Hong Kong Occupy protests.

The judge also ruled that the suspect’s Mac computer be confiscated as punishment for carrying out the attack, SCMP reports.

Chu, who is one of the top students at his university, had decided to get involved in the Occupy protests that were taking place in Hong Kong during the autumn of 2014.

Teen was inspired by one of Anonymous Asia’s videos

The teen saw a video posted online by the Anonymous hacker collective, which was warning Hong Kong police to stop the violence against Hong Kong Occupy protesters.

The group threatened to hack government websites and release personal information belonging to Hong Kong police officers. The group also called out for others to participate in its protests.

The prosecution says that Chu went online and searched on Google for ways to carry out DDoS attacks.

He launched one such DDoS attack against the Shanghai Commercial Bank’s website. Police say that the student sent 6,652 HTTP requests in 16 seconds on the bank’s website, on October 12, 2014.

Bank website barely noticed the attack

This sounds odd since a Web server should, in theory, be capable of handling much more than 6,000 requests per second, but Chinese authorities have come down hard on people who participated in the protests, to begin with.

The judge was lenient on Chu because this was his first offense and because the bank’s website didn’t go offline.

Chinese news outlet Ejinsight reports that one of Chu’s professors wrote the judge a letter asking the judge to give the suspect a second chance.

Public broadcaster RTHK reported that Chu also stands to face disciplinary hearings at his university.

Below is the original video that started it all, with the Anonymous group calling out for attacks against Hong Kong police officials during the Occupy protests.


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